Updates for the week of 2010-09-05

  • Question: has anyone ever (EVER) seen one of those 'pocket' sliding doors that actually lock? #
  • Damn, East Coast: what's up with this heat AND humidity thing? They kind of suck when you combine them. #goinghometomorrow #itsadryheat #
  • An explosion of unfollows. Mmmmaybe live-tweeting weddings won't be a Thing I continue to Do. #
  • Those of you voicing support for the live-tweeted weddings have been heard. #
  • RT @wilw: OMG today's Penny Arcade is fucking GENIUS. http://bit.ly/cawB8R Fuh-huh-king jee-nee-you-us. #
  • Annnnd I left the driver's side window of my car open in the airport parking lot for the last 10 days. #dustisthenewblack #