A look back at January

It’s been a pretty weird month. I look back at my ‘activity’ online (airquotes entirely justified) and things look pretty meager, but if I turn my focus to the stuff that didn’t make it up here, it was a pretty busy month. Even lost a little weight. I know, right?

Just not really ‘fun’ busy. I’ve been doing a tremendous amount of ‘day job’ work, and while the end result is good (both work I’m proud of and the not-insignificant upside of getting to keep said day job), it’s not the stuff I really love.

Not a lot of gaming. Not a lot of fiction writing (still stuck on the same stupid scene in Adrift), not a lot of podcasting.

Lots of consumption. Lots of well-priming via books read (The Secret History of Moscow, Flatland, Boneshaker) and shows watched (Farscape rewatch ftw).

But enough of that. February is my birth month, during which I traditionally have a quiet panic attack about my impending demise and work feverishly to create some meager artifact that might temporarily stave off my inevitable descent into obscurity.

You know. Or maybe something funny.

So back to the Podcasting, as well as a shift from work-writing to other-work-writing — the kind of writing I talk about here.

I’ll pry run short on sleep, but at the same time it almost always makes me feel better anyway.

stay up and make something

How about you guys? What’re you up to?