Updates for the week of 2009-10-11

  • RT: @cmpriest: Word of the day (courtesy @rstevens): "Indignorant" – The state of being ignorant, and indignant about it. #
  • And so it begins — Me: Can I have a kiss goodbye? / Her: I want to go play with [name of boy here]. / Me: *heartbreaks* #
  • Report: Woman paralyzed by E. coli-tainted hamburger (http://j.mp/qRLsT) – Words (unless you count "ugh") fail me. #
  • Baked Ziti Recipe (http://j.mp/2JCV2) – Going to try this with some Morningstar Crumbles. #
  • Tolkien’s Monsters: Tonight, on the History Channel (http://j.mp/3xZxsx) – Hmm. Maybe we can snag this on the DVR… #
  • Oh crap. Just got a LotRO: Siege of Mirkwood closed beta invite. Time to set up daily October #writegoals to earn play time. #
  • Up and driving at ass-crack o'clock; 'volunteered' to rep the day job at career fair. Running 20 minues late, more out of protest than need. #
  • RT @mightymur New media, old journos, everyone should read: Awesome speech- lessons from the Rocky Mtn News: http://bit.ly/14uZD5 #
  • Scott Westerfeld's Leviathan: kick-ass young adult steampunk series starts with a bang, a hiss and a clank (http://j.mp/1spSNA #
  • Adrift: I sit down and start randomly punching nav buttons. Dangerous, but if I’m dreaming, who ca.. http://bit.ly/2iNLfQ #
  • Adrift: Pain from the hand-smack indicates (a) not a dream (b) the pre-history, duo-dimension space stat.. http://bit.ly/3HKDJ #
  • The more I think about what I'm doing for the PTA game tonight, less I know what I'm doing for the PTA game tonight, so… lunch! #
  • I feel like I should borrow a page from @jonathancoulton and take requrests. #
  • Penny Arcade! – Le Choix De Sophie (http://j.mp/1rSQZz) – I've totally been there. #
  • Dol Guldur Exterior Shots (http://j.mp/3NQKoJ) – Pretty much exactly as I visualized the creepy Mirkwood fortress/prison. #
  • Adrift: Do we *have* any pie? Jon says we don’t; do I… want him to make one? The station isn.. http://bit.ly/RDFvb #
  • Sandwich person: "Do I need to wear these plastic gloves? They rub on this open sore." Maybe I shouldn't have said "Fuck yes" so loud. #
  • Oh no it isn't… yes it is. It's snowing. #
  • Adrift: I get on comms and inform the station we have no pie. The station asks for confirmation of last… http://bit.ly/1aJEbA #
  • Random Average: Pulling a dick move, and other things that make stories (and games) better. http://bit.ly/IIEWD #
  • YouTube – G.I.G.A.P.U.S. – Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (http://j.mp/2VZnLx) – Excellent. #
  • Adrift: I open comms and say ‘Please?’ out of habit. No reply. I look at Jon and Deirdre. Th.. http://bit.ly/GVFAT #
  • R @shitmydadsays "Son, people will always try to fuck you. Don't waste time planning for a fucking, just be alert when your pants are down." #
  • Excellent excellent mood swinger — A Day at the Office http://bit.ly/4pJlaV #
  • ladysnowblood:


    On horseback riding:
    “I don’t… (http://j.mp/2o6BB7 #

  • Best tiny thing I love about OpenOffice is setting the software to "Allow only one space after a sentence." #softwareVSmybadhabits #writing #
  • Messing around w/tweetdeck on netbook, since Kaylee/phone interrupted writing for a few minutes. Refreshment break and more tappy-tapping. #
  • Brain sluggish and sleepy, but stomach threatening rebellion against any more soda/coffee. Trying to power one more scene out. #amwriting #
  • Colbert Nation (http://j.mp/2UKtlq) – Colbert knocks it out of the park. #
  • Biggest Threats to America’s Youth (http://j.mp/3G7hgM) – I might keep my panic in check for a little while longer. #