I love this wordle summary of my twitter page

Click to embiggen.

Words Mean Things
Words Mean Things

Sums things up pretty well. “Adrift” is unfairly weighted, but aside from that? It’s a pretty fair impression of my daily life, honestly. In a hand-wavey kind of way.

Whatever. I like it.

Edit to add:

Here’s one that’s a little more accurate and less Adrift-tilted:


6 Replies to “I love this wordle summary of my twitter page”

  1. You know, wordle is missing out on a major marketing thing; they should really offer some way to make those ‘fridge poem’ magnet sets out of your wordle.

    Seriously. Wld buy frm agn.

  2. I’m going to assume you told it not to collect words that start in “@” and didn’t CHOOSE to otherwise completely ignore every mention of me. Ahem.

  3. I really like finding out where I’ve overused words. (Sure, there’s a snarl in that sentence, but it’s there while I’m grinning!) I have decided “something,” “just,” and “like” are all BAD WORDS. It either IS or it IS NOT.

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