Updates for 2009-06-09

  • Random Average: More Mouse Guard http://tinyurl.com/mnassd #
  • Really, it’s unfair that my eyes and nose burn like this without an accompanying coke habit. Stupid allergies. Stupid cottonwood trees. #
  • RT: @lapsedcannibal: I wholeheartedly support this trend, if it is one. http://bit.ly/pXcQd ((Also love that it’s accuracy-in-code-based.)) #
  • Related to my last message: interesting page on Logical Quoting (or “the old grammar punctuation style that’s new again”): http://is.gd/UMsJ #
  • Amazon: Look at this MSI Wind netbook! Was 329! Now the price is so low, we can’t show it to you! Me: What is it? Amazon: 326! Me: … #
  • Gave Mr. Anderson a bath. He’s so shiny. #
  • Man, sometimes there is NOTHING like a couple pieces of cold fried chicken. NOM NOM NOM. *licks fingers* #
  • Adrift: As we walk to his cell, I try to remember the last time I spoke to Yoren directly, instead giving.. http://tinyurl.com/n5l42b #

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