Updates for 2009-05-09

  • Grabbed a pair of black shoes for the wedding today. Did I grab the wrong pair? No. Did I grab one from the right pair and one wrong?… #
  • … No, I grabbed one shoe from the right pair, one from the wrong pair, AND THEY’RE BOTH FOR THE SAME FOOT. Sandals it is. I win at Fail. #
  • My wardrobe malfunctions continue, forcing improvisation. I look like a 1950 mafioso beachcomber. #
  • Rt @DaynaHart Today’s new word: Procrastitasking #
  • Holy crap the AC at the wedding is set to Fortress-of-Solitude. Very beachcomber unfriendly. Thawing out, outside. #
  • Also: what the hell, Blackberry battery? Tapped out already? #
  • Stuffed with Philly steak sandwich. Now: #Dollhouse Finale. I hope Adama let’s Helo bring the cylon back onboard Galactica. #

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