Updates for 2009-04-27

  • Obama has a 65% approval rating. I work with ALL of the other 35%. Is there a tax break for minority training? (If not, just send aspirin.) #
  • Dear Colorado April Monday: Snow? Pff. I’m unimpressed. Nice try, but I’ve seen this before. Call me when you can rain flaming toads. xoxo #
  • Oh dear; I cooked pork chops last night! I didn’t know about the Swine Flu thing! Should I call in sick? (Please?) #idiotswineflupanic #
  • RT: @FourthNight: 10 Ways to be Useful on Twitter by @ryancmiller (all good, but last tip is recursive gold) http://tinyurl.com/cbuxou #
  • Adrift: The tribe, while helpful, doesn’t know what went on in the bazaar; only their territory. I .. http://tinyurl.com/c3x9jw #

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