Updates for 2009-04-26

  • Pulling myself away from the computer and out onto the Ranch bike trails. Bug is freak-out excited. #
  • And… yeah, started to rain right when the bike ride was at Daddy Bingo Fuel. #outsideandoutofbreath #
  • So, I logged back into City of Heroes for the first time in 568 days… and my HS GF friended me on Facebook. Coincidence? I think not. #
  • Okay, fine… probably coincidence. #
  • Prepping the cast iron skillet for pork chop MAGIC. Wine? Don’t mind if I do! #
  • Skillet cooking is – dare I say – equal in many if not all ways to the manly grilling arts. *rummages for brown sugar* #
  • Adrift: Went to ground. Deciding what to do next. Tried raising the Bingturong on comms; the crew’s.. http://tinyurl.com/cdob69 #
  • Adrift: The girl got me close enough to the Manifold Bazaar to see Five Finger Freight. Gone. Nothing the.. http://tinyurl.com/can9wl #

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