Updates for 2009-04-22

  • Adrift: We’ve avoided every group of sentients in our way; the girl has a sense for trouble. When t.. http://tinyurl.com/cnajt6 #
  • A new paying speculative fiction market is opening on Twitter. @tweetthemeat is a twitter horrorzine. Check it out. #
  • Dear Wednesday: I’ll admit, that bastard Tuesday took a lot out of me. Let’s make a deal: I get stuff done, you can watch Naruto all day. #
  • Mmmm, lemon poppyseed muffin, you understand my needs, my desires… Though, to be fair, those are all pretty simple things. NOM NOM NOM. #
  • Putting the final touches on an in house, online introduction to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) for Earth Day. #
  • … and I have to remove a slide talking about global warming, because one of the client-owners doesn’t believe in it. Wow. Just… wow. #
  • Adrift: The ambushers are her people, which explains her surprise. They’ve added new traps due to &.. http://tinyurl.com/cbq7qh #
  • Forget the challenge of writing a story in 140 characters. How about a whole damn recipe. Well played, @cookbook : well-played. #

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