Updates for 2009-04-17

  • RT @ColleenLindsay: Today is #Queryday. Click here for rules about how to participate & ask questions: http://bit.ly/pp4Ox #
  • RT @JoeBerkowitz: Never say “there’s never been any book like this before.” There totally has. Find them. #queryday #
  • RT @Maggie Bacon wrapped scallops with a glass of milk. That’s going on next year’s Passover menu. #
  • RT @kate_mckean: You know what I love in queries? Straightforward information, no bells or whistles, & sample chapters. #queryday #
  • Kept hitting refresh on my email, thinking the apps were broken, or the server was down, but no: I’m just at Inbox(es) (0). #nerdmeritbadge #
  • Denver Dog Owners: You should be using ScooPooDoo – http://www.scoopoodoo.com/ – I’ve never seen a business with this level of cust.service. #
  • #followfriday Creative Gamer edition @ryanmacklin @exedore6 @Judd_of_Kryos @chrishanrahan @michellenorton @cyface @fredhicks @matt_s_wilson #
  • I’d put in more for #followfriday, but my follower/following list is borked, and I don’t remember all the callsigns. #
  • Adrift: With only Deirdre around I’d forgotten the shock of seeing a girl’s tears. Lacking wo.. http://tinyurl.com/djg2n4 #
  • RT @NicoleZoltack Hook-first: bit like walking up to someone and starting the sales pitch before shaking hands and introductions.#queryday #
  • There are some fine people in this neighborhood; who shovel their walks… while it’s still snowing… for another 2 days. *Stupid* people. #

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