Updates for 2009-03-31

  • Craptastic weather again. ALL RIGHT, PEOPLE: I need a good Please Excuse letter from Twitter so I can go back home. Any reason will do. Go! #
  • If you have a draft-reply saved in Gmail, and shoot off a quick reply to the same email your draft-reply is for, you lose the draft. /cry #
  • Parts 1 & 2 of my interview about writing within new mediums is on Publetariat here: http://is.gd/nTUS & http://is.gd/pG0Z. (Please ReTweet) #
  • http://tinyurl.com/csxxdp – #4 is my personal mantra. #
  • MmmmmmAN so sleepy. Commencing mild electric shock to stay awake. Someone find me a nine-volt to lick. #
  • Adrift: The fact that the ‘good news’ is in fact merely less-bad Bad News has not escaped me. http://tinyurl.com/c9osrq #
  • Heading off to Kaylee’s “water ballet” (swimming) class. (She’s convinced all classes/activities need specialized shoes. /blames @daphneun) #
  • Rt @ColleenLindsay: ANGEL star Andy Hallett (“Lorne”) dies of heart failure at 33: http://tinyurl.com/ckf8jk #