Updates for 2009-03-26

  • Running a little late. Morning tubby time for Kaylee was not a great idea, in hindsight. #
  • Rt @turbine LOTRO: Welcome Back Weekend March 26-31: returning players play for free, AND, +25% bonus XP on mob kills for everyone. #
  • Someone tell me the third flower in the vase is green, so I have a reason to kill a few people. *rummages around for spork* #dollhouse #
  • Man, there are days when @finnras really tickles me. When he’s being a bastard… and when the world’s being a bastard to him. *snickers* #
  • Adrift: Mak’s not happy about being offered in trade to a Drift tribe. Hmm. Probably shouldn’.. http://tinyurl.com/cz4f23 #
  • Whoa. Shot past the page count I needed for the revision on Hidden Things. Must have got my words-to-pages math wrong. Awesome. Awesome +2 #
  • Even killing 10% of the new stuff during the revision-pass, I’ll make the publisher happy. Me? We’ll see. #
  • RT @thecreativepenn “StoryMash, ‘the future of collaborative fiction’? http://storymash.com/ #writing” Interesting, and familiar… #