Updates for 2009-03-24

  • Inexplicable insomnia. Seriously, WTH? #
  • Spent 1am to 5 learning uke chords for various Julia Nunes covers. Flag Pole Sitta was definitely the easiest. Her originals? V. v. hard. #
  • “It is ‘apposed to be SPRING. I want to wear a short-sleeved DRESS. The FLOWERS need SUN. Why is is COLD?” – My daughter, berating THE SKY. #
  • A smart company monitors Twitter for mention of their product & connects with that person. (Ning. GoToMyPC.) A dumb company? Link spam. #
  • Damn near have the entire next scene written out in my head, but can’t write it down. V suspicious that the characters don’t want to do it. #
  • This is a problem, due to conflicting facts: 1) I kinda like the scene. 2) The characters are almost always right about this crap. Dammit. #
  • I shall work on the next @finnras while the book characters decide if they’re going to give me a hint. /glare #
  • RT: @amandafrench: RT @MikeDoughtyYeah: “I want to replace FAIL with THWART.” #
  • Adrift: Mak puts his hands up, but doesn’t look surprised; means he /could/ have warned me. Startin.. http://tinyurl.com/c26cbr #