Updates for 2009-03-17

  • RT @mightymur “SciFi wishes to shed the geeky image – it’ll shed the geeks too. Idiots.” Truth. #
  • Just realized direct messages aren’t seen by those not following you. (A) I sent stuff that never got there (B) I don’t remember to whom. :( #
  • To those correcting @finnras’s velocity math: 1) he’s only falling 100 meters, so it’s correct b) he’s FALLING, cut him some math-slack. #
  • Adrift: I start to scrape/tumble along one wall and slow down. Apparently, this thing curves, which means.. http://tinyurl.com/cmuxy9 #
  • RT: @warrenellis: TIME: circulation a little over 3mil. BoingBoing: monthly uniques a little over 3mil. People don’t notice these things. in reply to warrenellis #
  • RT: @toniandrews: Part 4 of Toni’s article on the common issues that get manuscripts rejected is up on http://tinyurl.com/ToniBlog #
  • 3 o’clock. Going to prove Jean-Paul Sartre wrong and get some writing done. Where’s that writeordie link… #