Updates for 2009-03-14

  • To anyone who has their Twitter set up to see @replies directed at people you’re not following (why?) i apologize for the last hour of spam. #
  • QftD: “Outlining, researching, talking to people about what you’re doing, none of that is writing. Writing is writing.” – E. L. Doctorow #
  • Adrift: In a place that’s nothing more than ships purposely crashed together, no passage is straigh.. http://tinyurl.com/apgkml #
  • I wrote 592 words in 23 minutes with Write or Die! http://lab.drwicked.com/writeordie.html (thanks @toniandrews : awesome ap!) #
  • You speak truth, @LuciasM. I ask my daughter if she wants to watch Avatar, and she says “No, I want to watch Sokka.” in reply to LuciasM #
  • RT @turbine Aren’t you glad you’re following us? You’re the first to know that Book 7: Leaves of Lorien arrives on Tuesday, March 17! #
  • RT @turbine LOTRO: Final patch notes for Book 7 are up. http://tinyurl.com/cpc2t2 (Must. Get. Writing Project. Done. This. Weekend.) #
  • Been hard, remembering how to write Hidden Things – everything (other stories, blog, twitter) is different from its cousins. Getting better. #
  • RT @TerryMoran Just finished interviewing three of the top Alzheimer’s researchers in the world. Bottom line:There’s hope on the horizon. #

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