Updates for 2009-03-11

  • In this, the ambulatory, caffeine-tropism phase of pre-consciousness, I ask you, Twitter: “Sup?” #
  • “-if there was a chance you could stop it? I did it 35 minutes ago.” *snicker* “What?” “Daylight savings time, Veidt. Didn’t change clocks.” #
  • *stares outside* Snow? It doesn’t drop a flake for 3 months and now, snow? *shuts off sprinkler before his yard goes Edward Scissorhands* #
  • The day is conspiring to make sure I have nothing else to do but revisions. Stupid day, trying to be productive. *hrmphs* #
  • My sympathies, @fredhicks. iTunes provides so much wonderful stuff, but SO POORLY that I actually prefer NOT having the wonderful stuff. in reply to fredhicks #
  • Colorado people: Anyone interested in a biweekly Wednesday night game of [insert Indie rpg here]? Seating limited. B.Y. contributive energy. #
  • Adrift: The anger isn’t in her voice. She’s just confirming Jon’s order to cast off and.. http://tinyurl.com/bfajwr #

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