Friday, the coldest day of the week

(don’t worry: even if it snows, it’ll melt by tomorrow)
Reading: I’m done with The Book of Lies and haven’t picked up anything to replace it yet, so for now it’s just Wikipedia chain-browsing through articles on Tolkein lore… and some chicken-scratch notes written in pencil by DaveH about 3 months ago (pray for me).

  • Friday, investigating the online tool WotC provides for character creation in DnD 4.0, followed by maybe watching a zombie movie via On Demand in later afternoon.
  • Saturday, the monthly DnD game, plus a trial visit from Scoopoodoo.
  • Sunday, a morning of nothing, an afternoon Kaylee-playing, and an evening of wine tasting drinking.

Wearing: Jeans and my black tiki-god bowling shirt.
Writing: Notes for a Dogs in the Vineyard game (actually a premise for a game, which involves some fairly current-in-the-news themes, quite by accident) and scene ideas I’ll be adding to Hidden Things shortly.

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