A brief aside on usage within the English language.

Specifically, this: there are a few words that should never, under any circumstances, be linked together in a coherent sentence.
“Toddler” and “beauty pageant.”
“Jalapeño” and “chowder.”
“Collectible card game” and “investment.”
“Quick” and “corporate response time.”
… just to name a few off the top of my head.
The local cafeteria has taken this St. Patrick’s Day as an opportunity to teach me another must-not.
“Corned beef” and “panini.”
Ireland and Italy are geographically separated for a reason, people, and at least one of those reasons is culinary in nature.

It was a relatively quiet weekend at Casa Testerman — our date night consisted of some we-time together on Lord of the Rings Online, which is something I didn’t even realize I’d missed (quite alot); Saturday consisted mostly of some game-time over at the Consortium (much delayed, and fun); Sunday was some very satisfying house-cleaning, getting to know a few folks online, and the start of some new fiction exercises for myself.
This week, I’m wrapping up a course-design project that is both production-piece and application for more work. It’s coming together fairly well — I think it’s stronger than anything I’ve done lately, but then again I probably *should* think that. Wedding plans continue to compress into the remaining time available. (Less than a month!)
Recently read: Neil Gaiman’s 1602, Joe Straczynski’s Lost Souls, some more of Alan Moore’s Lost Girls, and some short fiction by Robert Howard. Also, we’ve been watching the first season of Bones; not the best of all television, but by far and away the most entertaining ‘crime scene expertise’ show I’ve watched. I’m nearly vibrating with my desire to unleash MI:5 on Kate, but we’re waiting until the long visit to New York for the wedding is done and we’re all back at home.