Into the weekend!

A one sentence review of Mark Wahlburg’s “Shooter”:
“The fairy tale that redneck conservatives tell themselves when they want to believe that they could fix the government if it gets too corrupt… with the help of a good woman and a 30/30.”
Kate’s one-word review of the movie:

We’re out in Utah for the weekend — Kate’s one of the speakers/interviewees at a writer’s conference and I’m splitting my time between that and working on a book editing job in the (really) gorgeous two-story ski condo that the conference got for us. On a mountain lake a few miles from the winter Olympics ski site, free high-speed wifi, hot tub on the deck, roaring fire (that turns on with a switch!) and a bunch of DVDs left by the folks who own/sublet the place… not a whole lot to complain about for a short weekend away.

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