Word Problem: Part Two

So awhile ago, we had a discussion about the difference between pornography and erotica.
Notably, Ted commented:

If the recipient views the materials and thinks about sex, it is porn. If the recipient views the materials and thinks about both sex and the love that inspires that sex, then it is erotica.

Why do I bring it up? Was reading an article about Alan Moore’s “Lost Girls” project, which he pitches as straight pornography.

Set in the period leading up to the outbreak of World War I, Lost Girls centers on three women who meet at a European hotel: an aristocratic British lesbian in her late 50s; a middle-aged, middle-class, unhappily married English woman; and a 19-year-old farm girl from the American Midwest. Amid increasingly heated bouts of debauchery, they tell each other the stories of the early sexual experiences that formed their fantasy lives and worldviews. Oh, yes: the three women are, respectively, Alice from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Wendy from Peter Pan and Dorothy from The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

Of note: the reason he opts to call it pornography instead of erotica:

“I didn’t want to call this ‘erotica’ because, for one thing, erotica is material relating to love. What we wanted to talk about was sex.”

Which of course put me back in mind of the whole discussion we’d had here.
Dunno if any of this makes Ted’s point more valid, but at least he’s got an anarchist, occultist Brit on his side.

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  1. Well, if it’s Alan Moore, I certainly must obtain a copy of it. (cough)
    “Why, yes, I do, on occasion, partake of Alan Moore …”

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