“This is really a classic underdog story in every way…”

Great article/interview with Joss on Reuters.com about the trip from Firefly to Serenity:

“We have a much broader base than just sci-fi people,” he says. “That’s what I found in our screenings so far. They’re a diverse group, fairly well-adjusted socially, and I expect that a lot of them are even having sex. I really think the line between geeks and the rest of the world is blurring.”

For those of you who aren’t slavering mad crazy for the release date keeping track, Serenity, one of the best movies I’ve seen in a really,
long time…
Is in theatres this Friday. Go twice. I dare yah.

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  1. Saw it last night.
    It was good, but I really think that the Farscape-DS9-Firefly era of good Sci-fi, I liked DS9 from 2nd season on as the best ST series so sue me, has been eclipsed by the nova like goodness of Ron Moore’s BSG.
    So to me Serenity is a throw back to the Sci-Fi series of then.
    On a scale of 1-10, it’s an 8.5. I watched Eps 1-2 of Kobol’s Last Gleaming tonight on the Replay and I like that so much better, it’s an 9.5. The episode 33 is a 10.
    Serenity didn’t grab me in the way that BSG did, or if we have to talk Sci-Fi movies, that even Ep 3 of Star Wars did.

  2. *Spews coffee from laughter*
    Episode 3…
    The one with the bad dialog and the poor direction…
    The last good Star Wars was ep V.

  3. Is in theatres this Friday. Go twice. I dare yah.
    I think Lori and I are going to follow Jewel Staite’s directive, and try for 10, I figure 5 apiece will be good, but L will be one up on me, as I get to go to class on Friday night…. Grrrrrrrr…..

  4. I’m serious on Ep 3, I liked it better than Serenity. The writing was bad, the acting was bad, but it had a place in the grand story.
    BSG, DS9, SW tell a grand story with mistakes here and there in the telling.
    Firefly doesn’t have a weak episode, but it doesn’t tell a larger story. Serenity tried, but Serenity didn’t grab me in that grand story of the *spoilers* and *more spoilers*. It was good Sci-fi, but I didn’t like it as much as other series/movies with a bigger tale to tell.

  5. *shrugs* Different strokes, and all that. I can see how having an over-arching story line would appeal to some folks, but for me (and most other Browncoats out there) what seperates Firefly/Serenity from (my personal opinion) the dreck that Star Wars hath become is that the man writing/directing the story knows how to do so.
    No offense to George Lucas, he’s a genius when it comes to special effects, and he’s even an okay plotter. But the man’s no writer.
    Joss Whedon knows how to tell a story, how to reach into the feelings of his audience and tweak ’em. George Lucas knows how to make things look purty.
    So maybe, comparatively speaking, George can make a shiny candy shell, but Joss can make the chocolate inside.

  6. I’m serious on Ep 3, I liked it better than Serenity. The writing was bad, the acting was bad, but it had a place in the grand story.
    And if it had been a movie all on it’s own, with only it’s own inherent merits to stand on? It’s crap.
    Serenity stands on it’s own. It’s a good story, making sacrifices only for the sake of making the story better, not to get more flying widgets zooming past in the background. Damn damn DAMN few genre movies can claim that.
    I haven’t seen BSG… seems unlikely I will, given my limited TV time, so I can’t compare.

  7. BSG is in fact, very good. I’ve got the mini-series (one disk) and the first season. I’ll loan ’em to you next time we’re up.

  8. Doyce, thanks so much for the link to that article. it’s all very good grist for the mill, so to speak.
    I’m not EVEN going to comment on the thought that Star Wars episode 3 is better than Serenity. Ain’t no way, no how.
    I’ll be going twice this weekend, I think.

  9. While BSG isn’t on the same level of Firefly, I feel that it’s nearly as well written and directed. Say a 9 vs 10 for Firefly/Serenity. The story is dark, and sometimes uncomfortable to watch, but it’s the kind of show where you enjoy the characters not just for their qualities. But for their warts too. Seeing Colonel Tigh save the ship on several occasions and then nearly destroy the entire fleet on another and then tear off into a drinking binge. You know he’s got the ability, but watching him destroy himself in the process shows a level of writing and directing that you don’t really see in a whole lot of shows. And that’s just one character. There’s a whold slew of ’em that you get to know.
    Besides, there’s cool ship combat (effects and shots done by the same crew that did Firefly I might add), hot chicks and, I’m told, good lookin’ guys, and, most importantly, it’s BATTLE-FRAKKIN’-STAR GALLACTICA!!!
    What’s not to love?!?!?!?!?!? :)

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