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  1. But, but, but…
    Having seen it now, I feel he gives away some of the emotional heft of the plot. I’m so glad I kept myself from reading too many reviews (or rather, any reviews not preceeded by “Spoiler Free”) before I saw the movie.
    For lo, it was shiny, and I loved it.

  2. Have to share a movie first for me.
    Friday night I went with two friends to see the movie. I was on one end of the 3 my friend David (no not my husband) was on the other end.
    Apparently Serenity was so good that the guy sitting next to David didn’t want to leave his seat so he proceeded to piss his pants right there.
    Needless to say I felt sorry for the next group of browncoats to come in.

  3. I just finished the DVDs I bought off Amazon, and now I can’t wait to see the movie. I hope they splurged on a real Chinese dialogue coach for this one instead of some ABC chick who doesn’t really know Chinese this time, or I’ll be cringing throughout as the audience laughs at their crappy Chinese.

  4. Well, the problem with the chinese in the show is that it’s, as I understand it, Mandarin, and it really should have been Cantonese.
    That doesn’t, of course, speak to pronounciation at all.
    The movie, as much as I can think of at this moment, really doesn’t have a TON of Chinese. I can think of…
    Wash, one time.
    Inara, one time.
    An NPC at one point early on.
    And River babbles on in not-english for awhile at one point, and we’ll just assume for the moment that that’s chinese.
    None of it, really, sounded like the chinese in the show, so… that’s a good? Dunno.

  5. Commenting on the Mandarin… I think it was actually worse than the TV show. The only thing both my wife and I could understand was the teacher. Everything else could have been Cantonese or frankly jibberish… it wouldn’t matter.
    And while I agree with you that Cantonese is much more vibrant in terms of slang, the whole point was that the dominating languages merged. If that was the case, it would be Mandarin and English… not Cantonese.

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