Hard to say if this should be under Fanboy or BitchBitchBitch.
Tim Minear (late of Firefly writing/production fame) has a new show coming out… it’s called Wonderfalls.
(Stop me if you’ve heard this one.)
… It looks… well very cool and kinda damn weird. Definitely genre-bending.
… It’s on Fox.
… They put it on Friday night. (Starts in two weeks.)
… They’re airing the eleventh-filmed episode first (which I believe Minear has said is sort of at the end of the first real story arc).
You ever have a friend that you feel is in a bad relationship, and you should tell them?
Upside: Jewel Stait’s on the show at least for a couple episodes in the middle — heck, she might be in the first aired episode… who knows?
In other geekesque news: Adam Baldwin’s apparently going to be on the next new Angel — there hasn’t been any hoo-haw about it, but Randy saw his name on the cast list for next week’s show.

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  1. My bad….it’s the episode after next “undereath”, not “Shells”. So, some time in April.

  2. And because you asked…
    Frances Hodgson Burnett’s classic novel A Little Princess.

  3. I was wondering if anyone else recognized the story Wesley was reading to Fred. I had to enlighten my husband.

  4. Actually, I think it’s Stan who spotted the Baldwin app.
    Re: Minear, Whedon et al.
    Harlan Ellison attributes the following remarks to Charles Beaumont, scenarist of many memorable episodes of the original Twilight Zone series: “Attaining success in Hollywood is like climbing a gigantic mountain of cow flop, in order to pluck one perfect rose from the summit. And you find when you’ve made that hideous climb you’ve lost the sense of smell.”

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