So I’m messing around with the “no power in the ‘verse” quote and trying out various fonts.

My thoughts:
1. The typefont of a crazed psycho tapping out their manifesto on an old manual.
2. Girly… and a bit nuts.
3. Disturbingly childlike. Reminds me of Lunch Money.
4. I kinda like the oriental brushstroke look.
5. Plain jane… not trying to interpret River through the font.
6. Looks like Harry Potter almost. Ugh. now I don’t like it.
7. Sort of a scrawled version of 4.
8. Now I’m just bored.

2 Replies to “Variations”

  1. I like it being a bit girly (#2). I like #6, too.
    In any case, be sure override the apostrophe to be a “close” not an “open” (a “9” not a “6”).
    Now, does ‘verse need to be capitalized? “No power in the ‘Verse …”?

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