Those of you reading the scripts I’ve linked to off the FireflyWiki – Firefly Episode Guide may want to start over.
I’ve switched out most of the ‘transcript’ scripts for copies of the actual shooting scripts. These are generally quite a bit more interesting, as the transcripts themselves are basically copies of what aired (which you can see for your own selves), while the shooting scripts contain many more interesting bits that didn’t make it to the screen.

5 Replies to “Update”

  1. Okay, well “Safe” demonstrated that you’re posting at least some deltas.
    Damn. That’s a hard choice as to which one teaser I like better.

  2. You know those scenes and half-scenes and even pairs or singles of lines that are in the Pilot script that didn’t make it to the final version?
    Most every script is like that.

  3. “Safe” was an extreme case — most of them, there’s scenes in the script that didn’t make it to film… not wholesale scene replacement.

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