Twas the night…

Like many children during the Holiday season, you lay awake, despite the best-laid plans.
See, the idea was that you would go to sleep early; very early, in fact — hoping that if you dozed off, the magick hour would arrive that much sooner.
Anything, anything to make it arrive sooner.
The plan has failed: you lie on your back, staring at the ceiling; waiting, daydreaming of all the wondrous new things just a few hours away. Sleep? You can barely keep from shivering with anticipation.
That jolly old white-bearded man with the gentle smile…
those clever elves and their toys…
Andúril, the Flame of the West, reforged from the shards of Narsil…
Of course I’m talking about the Return of the King’s midnight release; what did you think?
[no spoilers ahead]

So, realizing that we wouldn’t be able to go tonight, very probably wouldn’t be able to go Thursday night, and didn’t want to fight the crowds on Friday, Jackie and I bit the bullet and got tickets to the midnight show of Lord of the Rings: Return of the King.
The verdict? Amazing. Like Two Towers, it left me immediately wanting the extended edition, but without the vague sense of dissatisfaction that TT gave me.
Let me pick a few high points:

  • Shelob’s even better than I’d hoped.
  • Anduril looks really cool.
  • The PotD and the Beacon-lighting sequence: wow.
  • Sam is the MAN.
  • If I were Aragorn, I totally would have picked Eowyn, but I’ve always thought that. (I’d like to see Arwen pick up one of those Rohirrim swords… ‘d probably break her wrist.)

So much more spoilerish stuff to say. SO much more. Everyone must go see it so I can spaz out talking about it.
I want the extended edition NOW.

9 Replies to “Twas the night…”

  1. Be comforted in the fact that I and Jackie are suffering mightily for our geekly indiscretions last night* — she had to work and I have to wear a suit and conduct interviews today. I have to be alive.
    * – In fact, Justin’s almost semi-positive that I gave up the chance of some… ahh… quality time last night in lieu of a few hours sleep before the show. This is shocking to him on so many levels he just dropped the topic.

  2. I am just hoping that Lou will see it soon, so I can geek out back at him.
    Aragorn never loved Éowyn. It would have been a mess. Éowyn loved a “shadow and a thought,” not the real Aragorn.
    Faramir may seem like a poor second choice, but he’s a much better match for her.

  3. I knew you would be up all night geeked about it. It’s like 4 hours long, I bet you were trashed by the next morning. Reggie and I will proabably go some time over Christmas break.

  4. I got home at ten after four and had to be at work at a quarter to six to play in tank simulators. Definitely worth it!

  5. We wanted the boy to share in the geekly joy, so we took him to the midnight show. He stayed up through the whole thing and didn’t even ask to pee. The only time he wasn’t glued to the screen was when he was hiding from Shelob behind his jacket.
    My little geekling. So proud.

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