“They’re all beautiful.”

I highly recommend Last Samurai.
Forget everything you’re assuming about it and just go.

5 Replies to ““They’re all beautiful.””

  1. I completely agree with you. I thought I would like the movie going into it, but as I left I was so much more impressed. It was an amazing movie!

  2. If you mean “i think cruise will ruin it”, I would disagree. Heartily.
    I would perhaps pique your interest by commenting that I don’t believe Cruise is the main character (and certainly not the titular one).
    I don’t like Cruise. I don’t hate him… he’s just an actor. But Last Samurai is a great movie.

  3. Oh, no, I don’t think he ruins it; I think he grates on my nerves. This is the kind of role I think he actually does well, the one where he starts out as a heartless bastard and gains some kind of humanity.
    Still. I think I’ll wait ’till it comes out on video.

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