Good episode Tuesday. Sounds like next week is a two-hour finale? Only two episodes left, certainly.
I remember loving the original Buffy movie when I was in college. It was funny. I remember thinking after the fifth or sixth time I watched it (we didn’t own a lot of tapes in college, that was one of them) that it almost seemed like the writer was trying to say something ‘deep’. I pretty much assumed I was just reading too much into it.
Then the show came out, and I started to realize that I’d been right — the only reason it had been unclear was because the movie making process had muddied the whole thing.
I saw the ads for the show in 1997 — I was out here in Denver and got Jackie to watch the first couple shows with me (well, she worked on her computer and looked over every now and again). Mostly I was curious to see what they could do with it. I mean… how can you have her traveling around, hunting vampi–
Oh, Hellmouth — evil comes to her. Clever.
That wouldn’t be the last time I’d use that word.
By the sixth episode, we were making sure to be off the computers and ready to pay attention when the show came on. We started taping the show the first time Spike showed up (Season two, Episode three: “School Hard”).
I was thinking about it yesterday; there have been some ups and downs… some bad episodes and a few story arcs that really didn’t need to be told, but the simple fact is, the show has vision and it stuck to it throughout, even when the Life Event that the story meant to reflect was a painful one that made people uncomfortable — sometimes for a whole season. Gotta respect that.
I love this show. It’s come full circle this year (“Have you got any Tab?”) and when it’s all said and done it will have irrevocably changed the face of the genre and altered the landscape of pop culture.
And it’s gonna surprise you before it’s done. It’s gonna do something we didn’t see coming.
The last episode is written/directed by Joss Whedon, that’s how I know.
I’m going to miss this show.
Maybe not as much as this guy, but still.
(Thanks to ***Dave for sending the pic.)

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  1. I’ve never met anyone out here in Portland that watches the show.
    I don’t partake in any gaming groups or know any people that are all hip with pop culture though.
    Never seen the show beyond the fraction of a second it takes the ReplayTV to go past it.
    Of course now that Farscape is gone, I’m down to Enterprise, 24, Simpsons, Mail Call, and Conquest for my weekly scheduled programs.

  2. What is the “tab” reference in reference to? I missed large chunks of the first season.

  3. I only started watching it because I kept reading about it on this Doyce guy’s blog. So I’ve only been watching it the last couple of seasons or so. Still, now I’m on schedule to run a Buffy game (got my little sister the RPG for her birthday) fairly soon…
    Still have the hots for Willow, though.

  4. I think we’re down to Angel and Gilmore Girls next season. And Alias.
    The tab reference: She asks a guy if he’s got any Tab in a scene in the very first season of the show… at a somewhat inappropriate time.
    Also, there’s a line from the movie and a flashback scene to the events in the movie where she asks if the Watcher has any gum… while sitting on a gravestone waiting for her first vampire to show up.
    It’s just this thing she does.
    Re: Willow — Kennedy has a tongue stud. Sweet.

  5. “oooo Tongue stud…..”
    Not to careen back to the me subject, but… I’m… this is
    beyond anything I’ve ever done. This is a total loss of
    control, and not in a nice wholesome, my-girl-friend-has-a-pierced-tongue way.”

  6. What season are you on? I have the DVDs that are out (natch) and tapes of everything else :)

  7. We’ve yet to get Angel (soon). Next season coming out in — June? so I wouldn’t sorry about it.

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