A pocket-PC for those who don’t like Microsoft

The Palm Tungsten C.
My response: eh. I had one of those thumb-pad keypads for my Palm for awhile.
Okay, for about 2 hours. I hated it. I’m not sure that even with all the bells and whistles I would be interested in something that makes it harder to get to my beloved grafitti screen.
Also, I run hot and cold on Wi-Fi. On the one hand, cool. On the other, I really like the stuff I read on Bluetooth.

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  1. Grafitti is good, and I wouldn’t want to lose it. OTOH, I know I was faster at lengthy text entry when I was using my Blackberry.
    And since I do WiFi at home, having WiFi-ready Palm would be keen.

  2. Yeah, I know I’d be much more jazzed about this if I had a wireless home network, or even a reason to have one (which I don’t, currently).

  3. Wi-Fi rocks.
    All of PSU is Wi-Fi, except the two lecture halls I have class in.
    I’ve had an Airport network since the iBook came out.
    I wish I had an excuse to get Bluetooth, but theres just nothing that uses it I’m the least bit interested.
    In my apartment building there are right now, 14 Wi-Fi basestations broadcasting as public stations.

  4. Hey, it would let you network up down at the game table without creating a tripping hazard. Or in the upstairs TV room, for that matter. Or your bedroom. Or from my basement …
    Wi-Fi is cheap, really. Worth consideration.

  5. No, I get the benefits.
    But I have no laptop. There’s nothing for me to network with.

  6. PCs can take Wi-Fi.
    At home here 2 of the 4 Wi-Fi machines are desktops.
    My Winders PeeCee and a Grape iMac DV are Wi-Fi’ed up.
    My LCD iMac could be Wi-Fi but was able to hook it up to the gigabit switch.
    If my PS/2 could take Wi-Fi that’d rock

  7. My Sony Clie NX70V has a keyboard and WiFi and I love both. I never use the keyboard, I prefer the grafitti, but I like where they put the keyboard. I like the WiFi for our own home network and I can check my email at Starbucks =)

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