Not Dead Yet

I didn’t intend to become the source of all things Firefly, but people have been asking, and if a few extra Geeky Fanboy posts help out the show, it’s all good.

LOS ANGELES ( – A source close to Mutant Enemy, the production company for FOX’s struggling Friday-night science-fiction drama “Firefly,” reports that the network has ordered two more episodes produced, keeping the series before the cameras through December.
The new episodes come from six scripts previously ordered, over and above the original order of 13 episodes.
The show’s original, two-hour pilot – seen only in abbreviated form by TV critics and not at all by the public – will likely air Dec. 20.

4 Replies to “Not Dead Yet”

  1. Well, I’m glad you’re there to step up to the plate. I’ve been waiting to hear.
    I am a bit cheesed about the 12/20 showing of the pilot. I mean, yeesh, we’ll be in California, in a house where nobody watches TV. We’ll have to tape it …

  2. Remind me and I can digitize it with my ATi All In Wonder Radeon.
    1 hour Eps are running around 350MB with MPEG4

  3. And, on the “fair is fair” front, it looks like Birds of Prey isn’t going to get a similar “stay”.

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