Narrowly escaped with the credit rating intact

It seems like an odd combination, but the parking lot that’s shared by CompUSA, PetSmart, and The Container Store is a Very Dangerous Place for me.
Dear lord I’d like this. Anyone want to buy my color m130? with all the hardware? Cheap? Dead serious here: you could get a deal.
Messed around with the devil for awhile and boy those titanium powerbooks are put together nice, but came back to the Tungsten. Itsa ver’ ver’ sweet.
Container Store:
Get thee behind me, Eagle Creek. God I love this stuff. Still trying to find the perfect container for my phone/palm (and ideally the palm keyboard) that isn’t a purse.
Got a fetching ball so cool that even Jake played with it for a half-hour. Go me.

2 Replies to “Narrowly escaped with the credit rating intact”

  1. If you’d made that offer two weeks ago, we might have talked, but my sweetie just got his new Palm.
    As for the TiBook, it is sweeeeeet. The only complaint I’ve had about mine is not enough hard drive space, and we just solved that with a replacement internal drive.
    And if you find that perfect guy container, blog it, because I know a bunch of men who are looking for one.

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