Disk 7: Kenny Loggins — Linkin Park

Awhile ago, I asked for people to send me music.
Yeah. I pretty much scored on that one. I wanted to thank the people that sent me stuff:

  • ***Dave wins the “First Music Donation” award, though he sorta cheated, what with not having to mail them and all.
  • Stacy wins the “Person with whom I could swap musical tastes and no one would notice” award. 20+ songs of kick-assedness.
  • Meera wins the “A funky surprise in every box” award for sending me a great mix of stuff I would never have expected from her :)
  • Mike (whom I didn’t know was sending me stuff at all) dredged up two CD’s of stuff I used to listen to all the time but despaired of ever getting MP3’s for. When I heard Temple of the Dog leading off the first CD, I smiled and kept smiling.
  • Brian wins the “My God It’s So… Big” award. (19 CD’s. Nine. Teen. Cripes.)

Huge thanks — you guys rock. Now, I do too :)

6 Replies to “Disk 7: Kenny Loggins — Linkin Park”

  1. Heya Doyce-Man,
    I love sharing music with people. I was feeling in a retro mood when I burned that stuff. I have never checked out the Breeders, which you laid a link down for earlier. I will certainly be checking more of that.
    You mentioned a couple of weeks ago that you were feeling a little underutilized with your current job. I don’t think there is a song that epitomizes that feeling more than “Workin’ at the Car Wash Blues” by Croce. The man was a genius. I am glad that you liked at least some of it. I have always prided (?) myself on the fact that I have music in my collection anyone would both (1) love and also (2) be completely offended by. Probably a symptom of some psychosis . . .

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