The Garlic Chicken Pizza was amazing.

I am never going to paint myself blue again, for any reason, and that’s all I’m saying about that. I’m still getting that crap out from under my fingernails.
Gahd it was a long weekend. Long. Longer.
Not longest, but a close runner-up.
I’m still beat down and my throat and ears are killing me, but I had a pretty good time. It was nice to stay at the hotel and not have to add “running back and forth from the house” into the mix of events. Being at the hotel was sort of a hassle as well, but it wasn’t as much of a hassle, and I’ll probably do it that way again (also, I didn’t leave blue gunk all over my towels — although the hotel staff are probably cursing my name).
Next time I want a room that’s a little closer to… anything… cripes but that is a poorly laid-out hotel.
Everything was fun and I only had one real let-down the whole weekend, which I’ll probably bitch about on my games page later.
Glad to be home, glad to be here, and now it’s time for lunch.

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  1. Didn’t have the garlic pizza. Their food is too expensive. I only had one slot free and that was the one I played Lunch Money with you and Jackie and Van.
    I agree with the throat and ears, plus I’m just so damn tired. I really didn’t mean to fall asleep during the game yesterday, but it was only for a few seconds. :)
    The hotel needs better pillows and locks on their door. I think they’re the only hotel I’ve stayed at that didn’t have a dead bolt on the door.
    Wish I had had my camera though, I could’ve gotten picture of BOB peeling at the interactive. ;-)

  2. Just this one, and just this time.
    Long story short, I said “I should paint myself blue and dress up as this guy.”
    Someone said there was no way I’d do it. It sounded suspiciously like a dare (they didn’t know me very well).

  3. LOL – we ordered the BBQ Chicken Pizza and got the Garlic Chicken pizza instead. I agree – it was REALLY good!!!
    I hate that hotel. The layout is confusing, the service in the restaurant is horrible and please don’t get me started on what it was like to get rooms from these people.
    Did a sort of walkabout on Sunday afternoon and found two rooms with the Tacticon stuff on the door. Turns out they gave us the room, but didn’t bother to let anyone know. Gee, thanks………

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