I’m gonna buy Girlfight

I have a bad habit of buying DVD’s for movies that I enjoyed in the theatre and then never watching them. I mean, I dig the behind the scenes stuff, I love the movie commentaries (assuming it’s not just the producers talking about how brilliant they were to support the movie), I just don’t have the time lately, especially when it’s a movie I’ve seen a couple times already. I used to do better at this when my laptop played discs and I could work on something while the movie played but now I have to go downstairs and give up all other activity to watch a flick.
So last night, I forced myself to (a) start the damn movie and (b) stay up long enough to watch it, even though I started it around 11:30. The movie (which I’d liked but only seen once) was Resident Evil.
I like it even more than I did the first time, and I recognize now that a big part of it is Michelle Rodriguez, whom I recognized this time around as “the girl from Girlfight” (haven’t seen it) who was just in Blue Crush. (Which somehow manages to be a hardbody movie about girl power.)
This is a good actress. Maybe she’s mostly playing to her strengths (which, briefly stated, lies in playing strength), but there’s nothing wrong with that. She’s competent, athletic, attractive, and could break any two anorexic actress-waifs over her knee, even if you tied them together for added strength.
And oh yeah, there’s a lot of shooting and walking dead and stuff. That’s cool too. It’s actually a pretty kick-ass movie, even speaking from a cinematography standpoint.