A thin blue Linux

The difficulties I was experiencing in trying to set up an MT install for a work-related project continue, but on a slightly more positive note. Over the weekend, they swapped out an older server for a newer model (still slower and smaller than my slow, small home machine, but it’s generally just a file server, so I only poke a little fun), so we grabbed the old box and “repurposed” it as a Linux server that we can run MT on and create this … thing that they want.
What’s this thing, you ask? Interesting question: what they want is a web-served solutions knowledge base that can be quickly and easily updated from pretty much anywhere, broken down by category, individual entry, author, or timestamp, and is searchable. I’m going to see just how much I can twist MT around to make it work. Initially, it’ll just be for about four people (certainly what I’d call private use), and if it ends up becoming open territory for clients, then the company buys the license.
Personally, I just want to see how effectively I can make MT create a user-friendly interface for a knowledge base (I’m sort of reverse-engineering an web-based interface for an SQL database — build the interface first and let the database build itself: just how many different ways can you make the monkey dance?
I’m not that far right now, though. The server’s old, the video card is REALLY old (and crappy, because really, why have a good video card on a dedicated server?), and it’s been two days of solid struggle to get Mandrake working and looking decent. Next up: Samba interface to the rest of the network (never done that before).
The MT part should be the easy bit.

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