A little rusty.

Last night was the season premiere for both Buffy (7th year of dedicated addiction) and Gilmore Girls (which I really can’t recommend enough). We’re still in what I’d call our “summer schedule” right now, however, which means that our house was full of people last night.
Piece of cake: we’ve got three different VCR’s capable of taping shows in the house, and all of them work just fine — this is the same sort of gymnastics we pulled off all last season. We don’t even have to do any complicated “timed” recordings because, after all, we’re going to be right there.
Right. It’s been awhile since we’ve had to do all that. At a guess, I’d say we’re out of practice.
Buffy: forgot to start the recording, then the VCR was on the wrong channel, so we basically missed the standard “scene before the music starts”.
GG: did this one on a timer, which started just fine, recorded the first twenty minutes, and then shut off, because apparently that’s what we told it to do.
Ugh. Me not grok the ‘lectroniks so gud.

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  1. The scene before the music:
    Istanbul. A girl (youngish, attractive, brunette), running desperately through the deserted streets, glancing from time to time over her shoulder, someone is chasing her. People shut their doors as she passes by, hiding. Two men in black robes appear to be her pursuers, they catch her on a rooftop and throw her off. She lands, stunned, and one grabs her arms, extending them above her head. The other pulls out a long, curved knife and raises it high over his head. Her face is filled with terror and the screen goes to black as he’s bringing the knife down.

  2. If that happens again, send email to me right away and we’ll dump both shows to tape for you. I’m pretty sure you’re very close geographically so we could meet for a tape swap. Unfortunately, we deleted both of those from the TiVo about 2 hrs ago.

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