This Kickstarter Project is Funny

I see the names of the people who come by and decide to back the project. I love that.

The names come in, and I think "Hey I know that guy," or "Wow, she dropped in and decided to back it, awesome!"

I don't know everyone, but most of the names I recognize.

On the one hand, there's a chance the whole thing might start to feel like "oh, it's just my friends chipping in to help," but as soon as I have the thought, I realize it conveys the wrong scale.

Yes, I do recognize many of the names backing the project.

They are from my home town, and my home state, and from Washington, and California, and New York, and Florida, and England, and Scotland, and Belgium, and Iceland, and Austrailia, and Germany.

Many – most – I've never met, face to face.

But they are friends.

They are also customers and fans.

In some cases, they are people whose creative work I have backed in the past. I am their fan, and I do a little internal backflip when I see them digging what I'm doing.

And yet, we're friends.

Those names I don't know? By the time this project is done, we're going to be friends, too.

Creators. Customers. Friends. Collaborators. We're all these things, at the same time.

And that is a hell of a remarkable thing.

Please check out the kickstarter. I'd love for you to be involved, too, and we're very, very close to fully funding.



Hidden Things Audiobook
A new Hidden Things audiobook. Available on as many platforms as possible, and airing as a DRM-free podcast in early 2014.

Bearded Yahoo?

I'm hopping on a plane today for the Whidbey Island Writers Conference ( ), where I am guest faculty.

Trying to decide if my badge should read "Uppity Journeyman" or "Excitable Curmudgeon."


WIWC | Whidbey Island Writers ConferenceWIWC | Whidbey Island Writers Conference
We’re so excited to announce the addition of singer/songwriter Nathaniel Talbot to the performance lineup on Saturday Night’s benefit! Nathaniel is a Whidbey Island native, and he’ll come on at 9:30, right after Ian Moore. Can you smell it in the air? That’s the smell of great music, …

Redshirts Audible Daily Deal

I really don't need another audiobook to listen to right now, considering how much other stuff I should be reading at the moment.

But… I just finished the Scalzi/Wheaton pairing for Agent to the Stars (spoiler: funny!)… and I haven't read Redshirts yet… and…

Well, dammit. Daily Deal? Fiiiiiine.


Embedded Link

Redshirts is Audible’s “Daily Deal” For 9/9/13 | Whatever
And that means you can pick it up for $2.95, which is a ridiculously low price. Even if you’ve read it before, it’s worth picking up for the awesome narration skills of Wil Wheaton. Here’s the link. (Before you ask, as far as I know it’s for the US only. I know, I know.