Writing Update

If your success is not on your own terms, if it looks good to the world but does not feel good in your heart, it is not success at all.
— Anna Quindlen
One deadline done — the short piece is off to the editor — here’s hoping that taking the path less traveled for this anthology will pay off. I think it’s a good story, though thinking back through it I can see at least a couple places where a minor addition to the dialogue would have made things that much clearer. Ahh well. One thing I really like about this one over the others that we’ve done for these anthologies: this one is funny. I don’t say that without some small amount of hubris, maybe, but it’s not wrong, either — there’s a lot of stuff in this one that makes me laugh. Also, frustratingly, this is the second one we’ve done where I finished up the short thing wishing I could write something longer with those characters — knowing I could write something longer, and that it would be good. Maybe we’ll be able to talk the editor into a full-length story once we get a few more shorts into their collections. Here’s hoping.
The second deadline is trickier, as it’s a revision deadline on The Book Project That Wouldn’t Die. I’ll confess that, as much as I love Vikous and The Dragon and Calliope, I am getting a little tired of working on this particular book. Two things that make it bearable — I’m making this revision at the request of someone who seems genuinely interested in working with me on it, and… well, the changes are going to make the story better; there’s absolutely no question about that, either. Hopefully, that will be enough to make the whole thing feel ‘good in my heart’ again.

Post-it Notes in nth Space

There’s a new technology coming to mobile phones — the GPS. Once $100,000 per unit, it’s now the size of a quarter and costs about 100 bucks a pop… the next generation of mobile phones in the U.S. will incorporate them by law.
What this means — the current GPS system can figure out where you are to within a 3 to 6 meter range, and scientists are working on a way to create text messages attached to the space you are currently occupying — these messages would then pop up for any other similarly equipped phone/PDA that passes through the same space (presumably if you scan for it, or if it passes your ‘approved users’ screen).
Think about this — every point on the planet has it’s own personal pop-up web page. Read reviews of restaurants from previous customers who stood in the same line that you did. It is the internet envisioned in David Brin’s Earth (one of the more realistic-but-optimistic near-future fictions I’ve ever read).

Man, the hide-and-seek game you could play with something like this. Can you imagine?
The high-tech treasure hunts.

Thing’s gonna make Majestic look like Pong.

(via Dave)