There Are Some Important Things to Talk about With the Hamilton/Pence Drama

But it's not about the time Pence went to see Hamilton.

(Even Pence said that was no big deal. His comments on the event were far closer to a statesman's than Trump managed, (he said, damning with faint praise).)

But no. The thing I want to focus on is the Hamilton show in Chicago, a few days later, and an event probably… I'm going to say "incited" by the Pence story.

A Chicago man was arrested Saturday after what several audience members said was a disruptive incident at the PrivateBank Theatre.

Accounts say the audience member began loudly ranting after actors playing Alexander Hamilton and the Marquis de Lafayette sang “Immigrants — we get the job done!” — a lyric that always draws cheers.

“He started raising his voice and throwing up middle fingers at anyone who looked at him."

Kate Hoyt: “He was saying things like, ‘We won. Trump is president. Get over it.’ At some point Ken leaned into the aisle to try and tell him to leave and the guy then put up both his fists and said ‘Let’s go, Democrats. I’ll kill you all.’

So here's a few interesting bits.

The Hamilton cast in NYC didn't boo Pence. That was the audience.

The Hamilton cast read a pre-written speech that asked the VP to represent all of a diverse and vibrant America… and thanked him for coming and sharing in the show. That's it.

And people are mad.

This guy in Chicago is mad. And drunk, also, but mostly mad.

But… when does he get mad?

The immigrants line.

I look at this – all this, all the reactions and yelling, and you know what I see?

I see a whole lot of people who thought – really, truly believed – after Trump won, all the minorities and immigrants and gays and marginalized not-us people would, finally, after eight years, sit back down and shut up.

And then this calm, well-spoken brown man stands up on a stage and has the temerity to address an older white man as an equal.

So that sitting down? That shutting up? It's not happening.

That's what they're mad about.

Trump won (the electoral college), but no fairy dust came to make it 1950 again.

All these other people keep… talking like they have some right to.

I mean, I could be wrong. Sure.



I stand by what I said, every bit of it
You stand only for yourself
It’s what you do
I can’t apologize because it’s true.

— "Your Obedient Servant", Hamilton

3 Replies to “There Are Some Important Things to Talk about With the Hamilton/Pence Drama”

  1. Thanks for posting about this.

    What astounds me are the number of Trumpets who still argue about Hillary, who are still angry that she had the temerity to run, who are still arguing that she's corrupt, lying, sinful, or whatever their lie of the day about her is today.

    I actually had to tell one of them (not that it mattered– talking to these people is like shouting at a tornado) to "get over it, your (racist) candidate won." We're not talking about the election choices now– we're talking about the future and what has to happen to make him not the most corrupt politician since Caligula. But, you know, take away their Hillary talking point, and they have nothing to stand on. There is no moral high ground without a well-qualified career politician to hate.

    [No offense to musical trumpets or those who play them. Unless you voted for Trump. In which case: shame on you.]

  2. +Stephanie Bryant With word that Trump now doesn't want to continue investigating her (as though it's his Great Leaderly decision), I have to wonder why not:

    1. By leaving her be, she becomes a perpetual target for the vitriol you mention, rather than being most likely found (again) not worthy of prosecution. The accusations never resolve, acquittal is never possible.

    2. No! She cut a deal! She agreed to not do [hyperbolic Clinton evil thing] if Trump would let her slip sliently away! (Meanwhile, Trump gets to look all presidential.)

    3. Trump gets to look all presidential and forgiving, but gets to pretend he "can't stop" what his AG / Congress choose to do, sad, very sad.

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