11 Replies to “One plastic bin, one crappy foam mattress pad, one shoe lace, one pair of scissors, and one hour later”

  1. It's really pretty good. I've gone from sounding like I'm in an aircraft hanger to a nice intimate, non-echoing sound – before, it was all background noise, and now the only real clean up I have is the tongue clicks my mic is now picking up (and my line flubs).

    You basically just cut the foam to fit, and then use an awl on any pocket knife to pock holes through the bin that let you "lace" the foam to the bin.

    As an added bonus, the bin becomes storage for all the recording accessories, when you're not using them.

  2. Does it matter how you set it up? For example, if you sit facing it, does it matter how close the nearest wall behind you is? Or, does it matter if there is a wall immediately to the side?

  3. I'm not getting any bounce off the side walls at all. The wall behind me is 10 back, so I'm not sure about that. The audio sounds like I'm recording in a soundproofed closet, and I'm not even speaking directly to the mic. My angle of approach is 45 degrees off to the side and at least a foot back, so I can read the script.

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