This is What Happens Now

"This week, a prominent woman in games talked about Gamergate. She said she wished things weren't the way they are, that she was afraid and didn't want to be. The attack that followed said it plain as day: You should be afraid. This is what happens now. This is what happens when you speak up."

Felicia Day And Gamergate: This Is What Happens Now
Earlier this week, Felicia Day wrote a blog post. In it, the well-known actor eloquently expressed something that a great number of people in the video game scene have been feeling lately: She said she was afraid.

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  1. "attention whore"

    "just like anyone else that causes a scene on the internet"


    Bryan, I really think you should adopt some more image-positive phrases for yourself. It's the only way you'll heal.

  2. At one point, it was funny to realize we were spending so much time on someone else being (as xkcd put it) "wrong on the internet." It is not funny when someone is put in danger of being hurt by the internet.

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