One question: How are you not dead?

I am deep – deep – in the lower 60% of of this chart, so the stats on the 24 million (!) Americans downing 10+ drinks per day really blows my mind.

10% of Americans have 10 or more alcoholic drinks every day

The eye-popping stat comes from Philip J Cook’s 2007 booze-economics book Paying the Tab.

American booze consumption follows a familiar pattern, with the top ten percent of drinkers accounting for 50 percent of the b…

5 Replies to “One question: How are you not dead?”

  1. Okay, I enjoy a drink. I even enjoy multiple drinks. I don't think I could make it from the kitchen back to my sofa with ten drinks in me, let alone every day.

  2. In my 20's, and for a short span in my 30's (between wives) I was easily drinking as much as 4-5 days a week. I would have been drinking that much if I had more money. Now days, I'm lucky if I get one beer a week. Usually averaging about 2 beers a month.

    I've come to discover that I don't much like myself when I'm drinking. More so, the things I say and do when I'm drunk. Reason enough to put the brakes to the whole thing.

    Some don't have that choice. My father, and my wife's father, have both drank for so long, it would be impossible for either to quit drinking without major medical assistance. Both drink early and often.

    We're in a different era now and while drinking is still a problem, I seen fewer and fewer of my younger friends drinking the way I did .

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