Well, Huh

I think, between Tumblr Crosspostr, SM2WP, Social, MailChimp, and a well-timed animal sacrifice, I might have gotten all my social network/blog sites tied together, and successfully set up my tumblr as an aggregate blog, pulling together posts from all my sites into one semi-coherent whole.

I give it three months until someone changes something in their API or widgets or zip code, and the whole house of cards comes down.

Maybe three weeks.

4 Replies to “Well, Huh”

  1. I tend to use WordPress as the aggregate blog for exactly this reason. :) Plus, of course, if I can get it into WordPress, then I can keep it in a portable data format forever. Open source may be finicky at times but at least it tends to be super portable and free!

    On that note: http://maymay.net/blog/2014/01/30/if-you-miss-tumblrize-tumblr-crosspostr-is-for-you/

    FWIW, Tumblr's been pretty steady and I haven't needed to issue an update to Tumblr Crosspostr in quite some time. Regardless, I'm glad you're finding the plugin useful. :)

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