Hidden Things Audiobook – Podcast – Episode 31

Welcome back to the Hidden Things audiobook podcast, made available DRM-free thanks to the support our amazing Kickstarter backers.

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You can subscribe to the podcast with your preferred podcast app right here. The whole story will be available as a complete audiobook in mid-August.

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Now, on to the story!

This is Episode 31. Thanks to all our listeners and the kickstarter backers that made this possible.

3 Replies to “Hidden Things Audiobook – Podcast – Episode 31”

  1. it has been on my list for some time, since hearing your hidden things podcast, to applaud your awesome writing and narration of your work. i have listened to the complete work again and enjoyed it even more the second time. kudos to you, your creative talent and awesome skills in sharing a remarkable and memorable tale with multidimensional characters. your creativity and execution are truly impressive and inspiring. thank you for sharing this and using an open source model.

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