5 Replies to “Websites with the idiotic "your password isn't strong enough; you need different case letters and some random symbol in it" make me angry”

  1. Yes.

    And I realize there are tricks and traps and different types of attackers (the person targeting you vs the person targeting anyone they can break into). And I also realize that without some resctrictions people will choose (or leave things at) "123123" or "password" or "admin", which creates problem both for them and for the admins …

    So I (generally) use a password manager, let it autogenerate with whatever the zany rules are, and let it remember. And, yes, that means guessing one password of mine make me vulnerable, but that one I can properly secure.

    We need more reliable biometrics and/or less cumbersome two-factor authentication.

  2. It probably won't be too much longer before sites just identify your face via your webcam. Throw in the increasingly easy and prevalent fingerprint scanners, and passwords are on their way to being one of those curious products-of-their-time that people will look back at and wonder how we could function under such bizarre conditions. Heck, move the fingerprint thing to, say, the F key, and people could enjoy constant, real-time identity verification not only without fuss, but without even having to be aware that it's happening.

    It'll be totally worth the NSA compiling a database of everything we do linked to exactly who everybody is, I'm sure.

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