I've nothing at all against introverts

… I might have something against the spiral of Introvert Quizzes going around the last couple weeks.

15 Unmistakable, Outrageously Secret Signs You’re an Extrovert
In recent weeks, introverts have been receiving a lot of attention on the internet, which they hate. Just kidding–they love attention! Talking about, reading about, and Facebook-sharing about introverts are an introvert’s favorite things to do.

7 Replies to “I've nothing at all against introverts”

  1. I don't care whether people call themselves introverts or extroverts, as long as they don't use the term to explain dickish behavior or excuse not putting effort into changing personal problems.

  2. Exactly! Man, I used to work at a place that bankrolled personality profiles for pretty much everyone in the office. 600+ people. The culture became one where people would walk up to you and say "I'm going to be really short and tactless right now, but that's just my Red personality, so…" and then they'd proceed with absolutely execrable behavior.

  3. Yup. Using this kind of stuff for self-understanding — or even understanding of others — is useful. Using it as an excuse for being a dick is not (even if what a person considers a dick may vary depending on their own personality profile and experience.)

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