Something Just Started

I’m dreaming. I know that.

I also know I’m lying in bed, tossing and turning. Not sleeping well. Headache, throbbing — steel wool watch cap stretched over the back of my skull.

We don’t sneeze while we’re asleep; did you ever notice? We can hurt, though, and I hurt now.

But I’m still dreaming.

I’m in a common lounge in a college dorm. It’s no room I’ve ever seen, and no college I’ve ever attended. College is a long while back, but I’d remember.

I’m sure I’d remember.

People are walking in and out. No one’s sitting.

I look at the other door — the one across the room — when it opens. There’s a girl there.

I drop to my knees. She stays standing. We’re both crying. Instantly. Silently.

I forgot you. The thought is from my waking mind, the tone incredulous and horrified. How did I ever forget you? How did you forget me?

She shakes her head, eyes locked on mine. She doesn’t know.

Then I’m awake.

It’s 1:48.

The phone is ringing.

2 Replies to “Something Just Started”

  1. WHOA. 1:48 = goosebumps, ringing phone = involuntary shudder. *waits expectantly*

    (PS I often sneeze myself awake, but maybe I’m just weird. *shrug*)

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