Adrift, part 1, Twitter-edition, now in one file

Couldn’t follow it well enough on Twitter (or, come to that, Facebook)?
Couldn’t follow it on a newsreader?
Couldn’t go to the website and read it one month at a time?


Just for you (yes, you), I used my infinite internet powers and commanded Tweetbook to grab the whole “part one” one of the Adrift story and munge it into a single, somewhat ugly PDF. (Said document will, I should point out, effectively act as my outline for my NaNoWriMo project this year.)

The page numbering is screwed up, and it ain’t pretty, but it’s all in one place, all one story, in all it’s original Twitter-formatted glory, for your leisure scanning.

Adrift: Tweet-Book. Assume the CC license for this version is NC-SA-Attribution. Don’t be a dick.