Updates for 2009-03-20

  • O.H. in the kitchen this morning: “We don’t squish snakes with branding irons in this house, Kaylee.” #
  • Retweet @DrWicked I think U2 just releases an album whenever they get a new guitar effects pedal. #
  • RT @seanbonner New post on SBDC: How to change the world in 5 easy steps: Part 1 – Go Vegan http://tr.im/hyqx – hmm. Food (heh) for thought. #
  • Twittering this week is kind of like riding a motorcycle while thousands of interested pedestrians try to climb on for a test drive. #
  • Adrift: Mak hisses to shut me up before I even get a good yell going. The shove into free-fall probably l.. http://tinyurl.com/c24oc4 #
  • Retweet @indieauthor RT@thecreativepenn Best publishing blogs http://publishing.alltop.com/ #
  • Warming up at the bowling allen. #
  • First two games; good. Last game? My full warm up game beforehand is hurting me. Also; why am I coughing? #
  • I lied. Last game was the strongest of the night. Wacky. #