A few weeks ago, I had a chance to be a writer-fly on the wall at a get-together near the tail end of ALA Midwinter (an event that – among other things – gives out lots of lovely, coveted prizes to lots of lovely, coveted authors) – a kind of publication esbat, from my point of view.
Allowed in under the cloak of matrimony, I was privy to a number of conversations about the current and upcoming trends in non-adult literature of all kinds. One of the most memorable moments during that evening came when someone opined that, in the upcoming year, “Werewolves will be the new vampire.”
There were any number of things I desperately wanted to add to that conversation at that moment.

  • “That’s like saying Fetish Porn is the new Fetish Porn.”
  • “Fine, but what about the books that are actually any good?”
  • Et cetera.

I demurred.
Besides, it’s obvious that 2009’s dark modern psuedo-horror is going to be swarmed by hordes of Zombies.
During that conversation, I wasn’t able to provide a link to the article that gave rise to my claim (curse you, lack of hypertext-enabled speech), but I can now. You’re welcome.

One Reply to “Brains?”

  1. Sorry, I think Zombies are at their peak. The fetish porn, um, new trend will, indeed, be lycanthropes. And far less interestingly conceived ones than in, say, _The Graveyard Book_. No, these will be wild-child “Rise of the Lycan” style werewolves, back to nature and red in tooth and claw.
    And, yes, Sturgeon’s law will pertain.

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